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All About Different Children's Wooden Block Types

All About Different Children's Wooden Block Types

by Garrett Politis

There are so many choices when looking for children's wooden blocks. However, when you really begin to look, they really can be divided into three types. These three types are: Kindergarten Blocks, Tabletop Blocks, and ABC Blocks.

Unit Blocks

This is the type of wooden block that people think of when you say “wooden blocks.” These blocks are found in most day-cares and kindergartens and are also known as Kindergarten blocks (or kindergarden blocks for those who are spelling impaired like I am). These block sets are standardized to a certain size. No matter who manufactures the blocks, they should work together. The unit block is always 1 3/8″ x 2 3/4″ x 5 1/2″. As you can see, all of these dimensions are proportional so stacking them will always work as long as you have the proper number of blocks in there. Each of the other block shapes is built off of the unit block. For example the double unit block is 1 3/8″ x 2 3/4″ x 11″. There are about 30 different standard shapes that are available in unit blocks. Most sets do not have all of the shapes.

Table Top Blocks

Table top blocks have no standard sizes or shapes. The only thing that is the same with these blocks is that they are smaller than the unit blocks. Some are exactly 1/2 unit block size. Most aren't. There are no standard shapes, and they generally don't fit with different manufacturer’s sets. However, they can be an awful lot of fun as some of the shapes can be pretty unique!

ABC Wooden Blocks

Like the table top blocks, A-B-C Wooden Blocks are not standard. They come in all sizes, wood types, and styles. A common type are carved and painted in primary colors, others have their pictures silkscreened or painted on. Some of the older or more classic sets are real works of art. Things that all of these sets do have in common is they are ususally cubes, they will have the letters a-z, and often have numbers and pictures on them.

No matter which type of wooden blocks you choose for your child, they are sure to learn and grow while playing and having fun!

Garrett Politis is the co-owner of Heirloom Wooden Toys where you can buy wooden unit blocks and other wooden blocks After years of playing blocks with his four children, and helping guide many of his customer in their block buying decisions, has he has written a blog to assist people in making more informed decisions when buying their children wooden blocks.

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